A 50% deposit is payable on booking by either cheque or over the telephone to secure your kennel. This cannot be refunded if cancelled 14 days before arrival date. The balance of your booking is payable on collection of your dog by either cheque, cash or Credit/Debit Card, we do not accept American Express. There is no charge on departure day if your dog is collected by 11.00am

Minimum spend for a one night stay and daycare booking is £20.00

Drop off and Pick Up

Our opening hours are strictly between 7.30am to 11.00am and then 3.30pm to 6.00pm, Seven days a week. These times are for picking up and dropping off your dog.

If you wish to arrange Highwood Boarding Kennels to collect or deliver your dog/s in our van, they are subject to time and location, please speak separately with the receptionist upon making your booking. Prices for this service will vary on location to be confirmed upon booking. £5.00 minimum mileage charge will apply.

Checking In

The more details you tell us about your dog/s and their needs the better we can take care of them, we input all your information onto our system.

We DO NOT accept any dogs without up to date vaccinations (Boosters) or the Kennel Cough Vaccine. Kennel Cough is not included in many vets booster package, please check with your vets about the Kennel Cough. (Kennel cough must be administered by a veterinarian a minimum of 10 days before arrival) Evidence must be shown to the receptionist on arrival. We reserve the right to refuse admission of any dog that is not up to date with Kennel Cough or Booster Vaccinations.

If your dog is not able to have the Kennel Cough Vaccine due to advice from your vet, we may accept your dog/s with a vet note and you may be asked to sign and date a disclaimer stating we do not accept any responsibility for any problems that occur from no vaccination. Your dog will be isolated and will not be exercised with other dogs.

Dogs are expected to be receiving regular worming and flea’s treatments, this will be recorded on our system.

If your dog/s has been unwell in the days leading up to your stay we reserve the right to refuse admission as they may be bringing in a virus/disease that could affect the other dogs already boarding with us.

If your dog is considered a danger to our staff, we reserve the right to refuse admission for our and your dog/s safety.

Please be aware that we take no responsibility for loss or damage to any bedding, toys, leads, collars and/or coats that maybe supplied by you, these items are brought in at owners own risk.

Health and Welfare

Whilst every care, detail, health and management is taken care of by our expert staff members, If the unlikely event of your dog/s becoming unwell during their stay with us, they will be taken and treated at Glenthorne Veterinary Practice Uttoxeter, unless otherwise stated on your consent form (Consent forms to be signed and dated in reception upon arrival). The charges of veterinary treatments will be added to your bill to be paid on collection of your dog/s if you are not already a client of Glenthorne Uttoxeter.


We are subject to (and registered for) the Data Protection Act and incoming GDPR which governs all our data handling and we will always inform you why we need that data and how we will use it.

In order to fulfill our contract with you we require your: Name, address, telephone number and email.

You have the right to access the data that we have recorded on yourself and have the right to correct any errors, limit the usage, or delete that data.

Our Data Protection policy is available for inspection on request.