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Highwood Boarding Kennels dog day care

Boarding Kennels

Luxury Boarding Kennels

Highwood Boarding Kennels in Staffordshire is a luxury kennel facility for dogs. Our professionaly designed kennels set the benchmark for other kennel facilities.

We have worked closely with dog kennel manufacturer 'Broxap' to create the very best in boarding kennel units which far exceed the standard requirements set out by the environmental health model licence agreement for dogs.

The individual GRP composity panel kennel and runs are housed internally without our fully insulated building. This eliminates cold and draughty outdoor runs, creating an environment closer to what a dog is used to at home.

Each kennel sleeping area is fully insulated and is individually heated or cooled via a thermostat to keep the temperature at a constant.

We have done away with the old fashioned tiled and concrete floors and we have used a professionally designed vinyl flooring which is non-slip, warm, and has antibacterial agents within it. This luxury flooring absorbs noice, is warm and comfortable to lie on and helps to create an 'at home' environment.

Exercise is very important at Highwood Kennels and is essential to reducing stress. Dogs in our care are allocated their own personal carer for the duration of their stay and are exercised off lead in our securely fenced two acre paddock a minimum of two times per day. For dogs that don't like the cold or for rainy days, we have an indoor play area where dogs are free to play in supervised sessions with their carer.

our facilities alos boast a purpose-built fully equipped grooming parlour and built in dog washing system.

Highwood Kennels Tariff

£25.00 - 1 dog

£40.00 - 2 dogs sharing

£51.00 - 3 dogs sharing

£55.00 - 4 dogs sharing

£30.00 Day Care per dog

We charge per day not per night. If you collect in a morning you won't get charged for that day. All prices include VAT.

Home Collection & Delivery

Collection and delivery times are subject to booking and location. Please speak to a member of our team.

Charges: £1.00 per mile, minimum £9.00

We strongly recommend that you book your dog in the day before you travel if you have a tight deadline or a plane to catch.

Our price includes all food, treats, 2 off leash exercise sessions daily, heating, bedding, insurance, VAT and the administering of any medicines. There are no hidden extras.

Christmas & New Year Bookings

Any dogs boarded over Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Bookings: an additional £8.00 per kennel.


Bookings of 7 days and over during the festive period will be exempt from these charges. We are closed for drop off and collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day.

Diet & Nutrition

We stock our own premium quality dried food and tinned wet food or if your dog is a fussy eater, diet sensitive and you would prefer to bring your dog’s regular food from home please bring enough to last the duration of their stay. If your dog has tinned meat as a mixer we also ask that you supply this.

If your dog is on a veterinary prescription diet we ask that you supply this for the duration of their stay.

With regards to feeding frequency, we will feed your pet according to your instructions. We provide treats in the form of biscuits treats, gravy bones, bonios etc., during their stay with us please let us know on you reservation form if you would prefer us not to do so. You are of course welcome to bring all of your dog’s favourite treats and biscuits from home.

Dog diet and nutrition is important to us at Highwood Kennels

Toys & Bedding

We encourage you to bring your dog’s favourite toys and treats from home. We do not share your dogs’ personal toys with any of our other boarders.

We supply all baskets and bedding. We use ‘Vet bed’ which is a non-allergen, anti-chew fleece recommended by veterinarians worldwide. Which also retains heat by trapping air within the fibres, helping to keep your dog warm and cosy. With unique drainage properties, if your pet should have an accident, the ‘Vet Bed’ will drain the liquid through, keeping the top of the bedding dry, so your pet stays warm and dry. ‘Vet bed’ is the only bedding that can be laundered at 90 degrees and dries in minutes. We will however, accept a small piece of clothing which can help your dog to settle in on his first day with us.

In order to maintain our strict cleaning regimes and in the interest of hygiene we will not accept bedding and baskets brought into our kennels.

Dog toys at Highwood Boarding Kennels

Exercise & Play

We believe a well exercised and stimulated dog is a happy dog.


With this in mind the design and functionality of our exercise and play areas here at Highwood Kennels are second to none! We have securely fenced paddocks to allow your dog plenty off leash exercise.


We also have an indoor exercise area for rainy days so come rain or shine your dog is guaranteed plenty of exercise and playtime. Your dog will be taken out a minimum of twice a day with his/her own dedicated carer.

We believe that with the owner’s consent and under supervision, dogs should be allowed to socialise with other canine companions. The opportunity for dogs to mix freely together provides the perfect environment for essential socialising skills to be learnt.

For dogs that don’t mix so well we offer all the same activities but separate from other dogs. Just let us know how you would like your dog to be exercised when you make a booking.

Dogs get plenty of exercise and playtime at Highwood Boarding Kennels in Uttoxeter

Kennel Security

We take kennel security very seriously, especially with the recent news of dogs being stolen and sold on a 'pre-order' basis.

At Highwood Kennels we have taken the initiative to install CCTV and secure doors and entrances around the kennels. Our Kennel facility is fitted with a movement sensor alarm system with cameras to exterior entrances and paths.

All exercise areas are securely fenced to prevent escape.

We have installed fire and smoke detection sensors and fire alarm systems throughout our facility.

A member of staff is also on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kennels security is taken very seriously at Highwood and we have CCTV across the facility.
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