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Kennel Assistant

I joined the team in 2022 originally as a dog groomer and then later as a kennel assistant. I’ve always loved working with animals and after growing up on a farm I knew it is what I wanted to do as a career. Working in both areas of the business allows me to get to know our regular four legged customers well, as well as their mums and dads and it’s lovely to have a catch up!

It’s lovely to see the dog’s confidence grow during their stay and grooms, which is always nice to tell their owners - especially those who are a little worried. Everyone has their own character and quirks which we learn during their time with us and makes my job all the more fun.

I have a terrier of my own, who’s a little oldie now bless him, but I really do love bully breeds like Staffies, American Bullys and Cane Corsos.

I have a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management, Level 3 in Dog Grooming, and Level 1 Award in Customer Service and am both animal and human first aid trained.

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